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‘Censorship Is Still Alive and Well:’ Marina Slams Brazilian Government’s Attempt to Silence Musicians

“I’m just sick of a certain kind of energy. Fuck Putin. Fuck Bolsonaro,” Marina said on stage at the São Paulo festival

Marina performs live on stage during day one of Lollapalooza Brazil Music Festival at Interlagos Racetrack on March 25, 2022 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Mauricio Santana/Getty Images

On Saturday, a Brazilian political official ordered Lollapalooza Brazil to ban “political demonstrations” from its future events after Marina and other performers shared their distaste for the country’s government on stage the night before. Now, the Welsh artist is speaking out against artist censorship.

“Censorship is still alive and well,” she wrote on Twitter Tuesday, referring to the electoral judge’s order calling for a $10,500 fine for any artist who uses the Lollapalooza stage to address politics. Marina and Pabllo Vittar were among the artists who were named in the judge’s order after speaking out against the country’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro during their sets at Lollapalooza in what the official called “propaganda” and “premature campaigning.” Brazil’s election is set for later this year.

“We need to stick together. I’m just sick of a certain kind of energy. Fuck Putin. Fuck Bolsonaro. Fuck him!” Marina said on stage at the São Paulo festival on Friday. “We are sick of this energy. We are sick of it. You are the new generation and things are going to change.”

“So many of us are sick of these old men who think they own the countries they ‘lead’ They don’t own anything,” she wrote in a second tweet. “And they are weaker than we think. When people feel they have no power they try to take it away from others.”

Brazilian popstar Pabllo Vittar shared a similar message on stage when she performed at the festival, yelling, “Get out Bolsonaro!” She wore a red towel featuring the image of Lula da Silva, the leftist politician who is running against Bolsonaro and is poised to win, according to polls in Brazil. Rapper Emicida promoted voter registration during her set, before chanting, “Hey Bolsonaro, take it in the ass,” according to The Guardian.

Earlier this week, superstar Anitta laughed at the fine proposed by the Brazilian official, writing on Twitter, “one less bag.” She added, “Does this law apply abroad? Because my festivals are only international.”

Marina’s sentiment seems to echo that of many young Brazilians — and her fans, many of whom are queer — who oppose the leadership of Bolsonaro in Brazil, who has espoused anti-gay rhetoric.

Her statements at the festival also align with the feminist, forward-thinking lyrics of her songs, “Purge the Poison” and “Man’s World.” (Vittar is featured on a remix of “Poison.”) “I want to see change,” she told People last year. “The world we live in really lacks femininity. We need more feminine so we can connect with Earth and nature. So that we care again.”

A rep for Lollapalooza did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone‘s request for comment.

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