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Mallrat Announces Forthcoming New Single, ‘Rockstar’

Thew new track sees Mallrat pairing its release with a “mini magazine” which features a chat with Tim Nelson of Cub Sport and a CD single.

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Mallrat will return with her first single of 2020 this week.

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Mallrat has announced the release of her first solo single for 2020, planning the arrival of “Rockstar” for Thursday.

The 21-year-old musician shared the news on social media overnight, releasing the artwork for the single on Instagram, and noting on Twitter how she was “days away from dropping the most iconic song of the year”.

She also gave fans an example of what to expect on the single’s release day, noting how she had created a mini magazine to coincide with its arrival, which features a fold out poster, an interview with Tim Nelson of Cub Sport, and a throwback of sorts by way of a CD single.

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Rockstar 💒 Thursday

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The new track is set to serve as the first official solo single from Mallrat since the release of her third EP, Driving Music, which was released in September of 2019 and featured the likes of “Charlie”, which peaked at number three in triple’s Hottest 100 of 2019.

In July, Mallrat appeared on the fourth album from fellow Brisbanites Cub Sport, performing on “Break Me Down”,the fourth single from the number two-charting Like Nirvana.

Just over a week ago, Mallrat hinted towards the forthcoming release of a larger body of music, noting that her album is “actually very close to being finished”. Currently, there’s no word as to whether the arrival of “Rockstar” will bring with it news of Mallrat’s debut album.

Mallrat’s “Rockstar” is out on Thursday, October 1st, with pre-orders for the CD single and magazine bundle available now.