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Mal de Mer Unveil New Single, ‘Pray to You’

The first single from Mal de Mer this year, “Pray to You” is a nostalgically-upbeat song which ruminates on the early stages of a crush.

Sarah Gelmi (@ftografs)

Just a few months on from the release of their latest track “Do You See Me?”, Perth outfit Mal de Mer have unveiled their latest track, sharing the entrancing “Pray to You” today.

As it stands, 2021 ended up being a rather prolific year for the WA sextet, with January bringing with it their single “Far Cough”, before their debut EP Gone Fishing arrived soon after. Not content to let it all rest there, the group swiftly returned with “Do You See Me?” in November, with the hazy synth-laden track serving as a powerful highlight towards the end of the year.

Now though, the group are back at it once again, sharing new single “Pray to You” today. Originally penned by vocalist Saskia Fleming three years ago, the nostalgically-upbeat song ruminates on the early stages of a crush, before truly showcasing its anthemic nature, complete with synth swells, jazz-inspired interludes, and a sense of fun that is unmatched elsewhere.

“All ‘Pray to You’ required once Sas showed it to the band was some solid and modest musical support,” explains drummer James Marelich. “In terms of creating the drum part for this one, the challenge was to emphasise the dynamics of the music to really capture an eeriness while maintaining its optimistic core.”

“When I wrote this song it was back in 2019 on my guitar – right after I had just started seeing someone new,” adds Fleming. “It feels liberating to be singing this song at this point in time as I’ve had distance from the feelings I was writing about.

“But I also know that when I sing this song live I’m gonna feel butt naked – I don’t think we’ve ever played a song this sappy, and I don’t think we will again [laughs]!

Mal de Mer are also set to launch their new single with a gig at Mojos Bar in Fremantle on March 12th, with details below.

Mal de Mer’s “Pray to You” is out now.

Mal de Mer “Pray to You” Single Launch

With supports from Jxnior (DJ), Great Statue, and Airline Food

Saturday, March 12th
Mojos Bar, Fremantle, WA
Tickets: Oztix