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Lydia Loveless Taps Laura Jane Grace for Piano Ballad ‘September’

Track is off Loveless’ upcoming LP, Daughter

As she prepares to release her new album Daughter on Friday, Lydia Loveless has shared the heart-wrenching single “September,” featuring Laura Jane Grace on vocals.

Co-directed by Loveless and Michael Casey, the video features a woman waking up on her birthday and lighting a candle on a single cupcake. “Happy birthday, make a wish,” Loveless sings across a piano. “I know this is isn’t really how you wanna celebrate it.” She’s encountered by a raging alcoholic in a mask and departs the house — where she encounters a happier relationship.

“‘September’ is a song about the loneliness and ache of being a teenager,” Loveless said in a statement. “I wanted to depict that in the video without being too personal, and we thought Bridget [Christine] and Kyle [Cox] would be the perfect people to star in it. There’s nothing I love more than not being in my own video, so I loved just watching everyone get into character and tell this sad story in front of me.”

“September” follows the singles “Love Is Not Enough” and “Wringer.” Daughter marks Loveless’ first album in four years, after 2016’s Real. The new LP will be released on her own label, Honey, You’re Gonna Be Late.

On Thursday, Loveless will kick off a series of three livestream shows, where she’ll perform Daughter in its entirety from Secret Studio in Columbus, Ohio. The shows — September 24th, October 8th and October 22nd — will begin at 9:30 p.m. E.T. Tickets are available here.

From Rolling Stone US