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Luke Steele Shares Video for New Single, ‘Armageddon Slice’

The latest taste of his forthcoming debut solo album, Luke Steele found himself writing ‘Armageddon Slice’ in the early days of the global pandemic.


Just one month after announcing the release of his long-awaited debut solo album, Aussie music icon Luke Steele has shared his latest track by way of the folky “Armageddon Slice”.

Set to appear on Steele’s forthcoming record, Listen to The Water, “Armageddon Slice” follows on from the sonic vibe of recent single “Common Man” and features a folky focus that wouldn’t be out of place in the prolific catalogue of Bob Dylan.

As per a press release, the track was written during the earliest days of the COVID pandemic, and thus features the fearful uncertainty that many of us were faced with in the midst of closing borders and an unclear future. As a result, it’s a touching track that showcases a side of Steele’s psyche that is both enigmatic and grandiose, yet still immensely relatable.

Am I gonna be a rose bush or a giant palm? Or a big dog named Bruce who chases after children each day after school?” Steele ponders. “Bless the world I played my part.

Announcing the release of Listen to The Water in February, Steele explains that the album first began to take shape in 2019, it was not without difficulties. Insect infestations, faulty household appliances, and the onset of a global pandemic saw Steele feeling as though he “was being summoned elsewhere”. Moving to the Eccentric Farm, a six acre property in Northern California, Luke and Jodi found themselves in the midst of a new adventure that soon found itself captured in music by way of this new record.

“The record is a story, a moment swimming in my head,” Steele explained. “A memory captured in music.”

“I have hard-wired myself to be in a constant state of ever-grow,” he concluded. “I will never be satisfied. You don’t make a record for no one to hear. I want people to be captivated by it. In a way it’s a life story. You want them to hear the mistakes, the wisdom, the failure but also the glory.”

Luke Steele’s “Armageddon Slice” is out now, while debut album, Listen to The Water, will be released on May 13th, with pre-orders available now.