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Les Claypool and Metallica’s Robert Trujillo Find Gold in Short Film ‘Precious Metals’

Short film was directed by Claypool’s son, Cage

Les Claypool teamed up with Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo for Precious Metals, a short film directed by Claypool’s son, Cage.

Shot at Claypool’s Northern California estate, the clip features Claypool in Western garb, using a metal detector to search for gold. He’s ecstatic when he finds two pieces of gold, but his smile fades when he encounters Trujillo with a gun — who shoots Claypool’s hat right off of him. The two bassists prepare for a quick draw, but erupt in laughter when Trujillo reveals he already has gold of his own: metal labeled EMG Pickups (the sponsor of the film).

“As a veteran music video director and wannabe filmmaker, it swells my chest with puffy pride to see my son Cage delve into the world of cinematography and excel at it,” Claypool said in a statement. “He blows me away with his skill set, perspective, work ethic, and ease of collaboration. That’s my boy!!”

Primus has rescheduled their Rush tribute tour, A Tribute to Kings, for a third time, aiming to hit the road this summer. They aired the virtual concert Alive From Pachyderm Station last December, performing at Claypool’s winery for the first time.

From Rolling Stone US