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L7 Prep 30th-Anniversary ‘Smell the Magic’ Reissue

Opening track “Shove” is now streaming

L7 will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Smell the Magic with a reissue out September 18th via Sub Pop.

Following their 1988 self-titled debut, Smell the Magic was released on September 1st, 1990. The 30th anniversary edition features all nine songs, remastered and together on vinyl for the first time. You can hear the opening track, “Shove,” above.

“Landlord doesn’t like my dog/Shove/My eyes are burning from the smog/Shove,” Suzi Gardner sings across a burning guitar riff. “The neighbors say I jam too loud/Shove/America thinks I should be proud.”

Sub Pop will release the record as a Loser Edition, pressed on clear vinyl with orange, blue and gray in North America and on neon orange vinyl in the U.K. and Europe. The album will also be reissued on a standard LP, CD, and digitally. All options are currently available for preorder.

In April, guitarist Donita Sparks launched The Hi-Low Show With Donita Sparksan online variety show that featured No Wave icon Lydia Lunch. 2019 saw the release of Scatter the Rats, the band’s first new album in 20 years. “People ask, ‘Why didn’t this happen sooner?” Sparks told Rolling Stone in 2017. “Well, heavy shit goes on in life. One day things are rolling along and then life hits you again.”

From Rolling Stone US