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Kwame Returns with Euphoric New Single, ‘H I G H E R’

His first solo single of 2021, “H I G H E R” sees Kwame focusing on the feelings of new love amidst elements of neo-soul, hip-hop, and electronica.


Following a massive year which saw the release of his third EP, Please, Get Home Safe, Sydney’s Kwame has returned with his latest single, sharing the uplifting “H I G H E R” today.

Following on from collaborative efforts with the likes of Phil Fresh and Tasman Keith earlier this year, “H I G H E R” serves as Kwame’s first solo single of the year, and is arguably one of his most accomplished to date.

A striking combination of neo-soul, hip-hop, and electronica, filtered through a lens of psychedelia, the self-produced track sees Kwame exploring the notion of euphoria one feels upon embarking on a new intimate relationship, with the track seeing him touch on the stimulating elation, gratification, and wholeness that comes along with it.

“‘H I G H E R’ is a song that speaks on the euphoric nature of intimacy one in embarks on with their significant other,” Kwame explains of the song. “This was actually one of the first songs where after producing the instrumental, I just grabbed the mic and punched in the verses and chorus after every 8 bars or so.

“This was new and fun to me as I’m more used to sitting down and taking the time to write, whereas, this process here allowed me to just say whatever was on my mind at the time.”

The single also comes accompanied by a bold music video which sees a suited and inebriated Kwame stumbling through the front door and singing about the feeling of a newfound love. Directed by Kwame and Zain Ayub, the clip is representative of the effect that head-over-heels love has upon a person, and is one third of a three-part series which sees a larger story unfolding across the space of a single night out.

“The concept of the video draws inspiration from the iconic dance scene in Risky Business featuring Tom Cruise,” Kwame adds. “The film encapsulates my evolution as an artist by showcasing the growth and maturity in both the sonic qualities of my music as well as the visual aesthetic.

“We felt as though the choice of considered steady cam and widescreen would help captivate the audience, bringing them into the universe we created.”

While it remains to be seen whether “H I G H E R” will serve as a standalone single or be part of a larger body of work, it’s clear that Kwame is in the midst of some of his most impressive and accomplished work.

Kwame’s “H I G H E R” is out now.