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Ever Wanted to Watch Kirin J Callinan Get Tortured in the Middle Ages?

Kirin has released the 80s-inspired ‘Eternally Hateful’ as he continues to build towards his fourth album

Kirin J Callinan

Kirin J Callinan has released the 80s-inspired “Eternally Hateful” as he continues to build towards his fourth album, If I Could Sing.

The idiosyncratic guitarist and singer-songwriter has unloaded a synth-pop gem on listeners, but it was a pretty simple process according to Kirin. “Musically, it could not be more simple. Three chords. A. E. B. IV-I-V. Over n over n over again, eternally,” he says.

What’s less simple to Kirin, though, is hate, which he says is a “far more complex idea.”

“Distressing, tbh. Destructive. Embarrassing. But no more so than love,” he adds. “A resentful rage, a bitter overflow, a pointed supervex; forged from hurt, seeping from a seething heart, desperate to heal, by any means available, finding validity in anger, making sense of its pain, thin air turn to rage, some other type of cage. “You don’t know what love means anyway… Eternally Hateful! I hate you. I love you. And so on and so forth.”

The accompanying music video is graphic, energetic, provocative, and extremely detailed and unique. It features Kirin being tortured in a castle and is based in the Middle Ages, and it’s a real eye-grabber. Directed by Isaac Brown, he joked, “I’ve always wanted to torture Kirin, so when there was an opportunity to do it for real on camera, I was over the moon.” 

And if you think it’s all fake, let Kirin assure you it’s not: “What you’re about to witness is by far the most ambitious video project I’ve ever had the dis-ease, dis-comfort & dis-gust to have ever been involved with. It’s all entirely real. All of it.”

Kirin’s fourth album, If I Could Sing will arrive into the world soon, although it initially seemed primed for release earlier this year. The musician is also performing a one-off show in Perth on December 2nd (more information here). Kirin’s forthcoming album will be released via new signing deal with his own record label, Worse Records.

Kirin J Callinan’s “Eternally Hateful” is out now.