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Kingswood to Record New Live Set Following Tour Cancellation

Days after their tour was axed, Kingswood are bringing their latest album to their fans, recording a live set to be released across the coming weeks.

Image of Aussie rockers Kingswood

While they can't bring their new album to the live stage, Kingswood are hitting the studio to give fans the next best thing.


Melbourne rockers Kingswood are set to enter the studio soon, recording a new live set for fans following the recent cancellation of their album tour.

Last Friday brought with the release of Kingswood’s third album, Juveniles. Already on track to be considered one of the year’s finest records, the group and their dedicated fans were eager to see the album brought to the live stage with their latest tour, which kicked off on Thursday night.

Unfortunately, the tour’s launch coincided with a number of cancellations around the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the band were forced to cancel their tour in the interest of public – and personal – safety.

“Our tour is very sadly cancelled for the time being,” explained vocalist Fergus Linacre in a video shared to Facebook. “We’ll book shows as soon as it’s safe to do so.”

“Ferg and I are sitting amongst the stars creating as much positivity as we can, thinking of ways and ideas to keep everyone entertained – including ourselves – in this crazy time, and we think we’ve got some really good stuff,” added Alex Laska.

Now, the exact nature of their good stuff has been revealed, with Kingswood planning to record a new live set – including cuts from their latest album – in an effort to give back to the fans who are unable to catch them live.

Hitting the studio very soon, the group are set to release two songs each fortnight via their social media accounts, before eventually sharing the full set, creating a – somewhat unplanned – document of just how powerful their music is in a live environment.

More details about Kingswood’s live recording are set to be revealed soon, while rescheduled tour dates are also on track to be announced once it’s safe to do so. Keep an eye out on the band’s socials for more info, and be sure to pick up a copy of Juveniles to tide you over until they’re back on the road.