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Kid Rock Calls for ‘Love and Unity’ While Asking Us to ‘Suck on Deez Nuts’ in New Song. We’ll Pass

Singer chants “Let’s go Brandon” 13 times in “We the People”

No one is discrediting Kid Rock’s shitty lyricism after he dropped ear bleed-causing track “We the People” on Tuesday.

In the new 4-minute song, Rock plagiarizes a Christmas classic (“But Covid’s near, it’s coming to town”), encourages a coronavirus superspreader (“Climb aboard this love boat/And rock that bitch up and down the coast”), and projects his own health problems on Gen Z (“‘Wear your mask, take your pills’/ Now a whole generation’s mentally ill.”)

On the song, he taps into the right-wing agenda by dropping F-bombs about social media platforms, criticizing President Joe Biden, and repeating the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” 13 times. “But Covid’s near, it’s coming to town/We gotta act quick, shut our borders down,” he rap-sings before kissing up to his MAGA daddy: “Joe Biden does, the media embraces/Big Don does it and they call him racist.”

Nevertheless, Rock just wants “love and unity.” Later in the song, he claims to not “see color” but then refers to one in the lyric, “We all bleed red, brother, listen to me.” Oh and he invites us to “suck on deez. Deez nuts, that’s what’s up.”

This isn’t the first time the rap-rocker has ranted in his songs. Back in November, he dropped “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” where he called the U.S. a “nation of pussies” and “snowflakes” as he compared himself to Bruce Springsteen and Brad Pitt, all while wearing a “Social Media Sucks” T-shirt in the song’s video.

Rock, an avid Trump supporter, was captured using a homophobic slur on stage during a performance in Tennessee last October. Defending himself in the third person at the time, he tweeted, “If Kid Rock using the word f—-t offends you, good chance you are one. Either way, I know he has a lot of love for his gay friends and I will have a talk with him.”

Along with “We the People,” Rock dropped two other songs, “The Last Dance” and “Rockin,’ ” on Tuesday. He’s set to go on tour in April.

From Rolling Stone US