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Keli Holiday Gets the ‘Lowdown’ on Bangkok in New Video

Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde released his latest EP as Keli Holiday in May

Keli Holiday


A few weeks ago, Keli Holiday, the fun-loving alter ego of Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde, released his new solo EP, JESTERMAN.

The record featured singles including “disco” and “horsepower”, the latter of which was about “a woman that takes over any room for better or worse. A woman that’ll pick you up in a Rolls Royce and drop you home in a hearse. A diamond studded Gucci top with a shotgun in her purse. Powerful, strong, scary and sexy.”

JESTERMAN also contained standout track “lowdown”, which explored the turbulent essence of a toxic relationship.

“‘Lowdown’ talks about the push and pull of a toxic relationship that unfortunately a lot of us know all too well,” Holiday shared. “You know it’s bad but you can’t stop. You’re just as bad as one another and love it.

“This song was born in the Beachwood Canyon bungalow with Twin Shadow and Blackpaw. We started with the bass and I riffed some spoken word. We then thought it would be a fun time trying to juxtapose the minor sections with a bright chorus that feels like sunshine through the palm trees on a pill of ecstasy. It feels like two songs in a way and I love that.”

And now Holiday has dropped an intoxicating music video for “lowdown”, set in the exciting back streets of Bangkok, Thailand. Directed by Cameron Lawther (Wale, Leave the World Behind), the clip finds Holiday holding up traffic while dancing, wearing only a fetching, skirt, tie, and neck ruffle combo (watch below).

Hyde spoke with Tone Deaf in 2021 about the vision behind his Keli Holiday project, saying he’s “kind of like this flamboyant dude who is heartbroken from a relationship, but he’s decided to embark on his own journey through holidays.”

In Peking Duk news, Hyde (who’s been making headlines for relationship reasons) and Reuben Styles recently announced a DJ tour, which still take in stops in Australia, New Zealand, and Bali this winter.

Keli Holiday’s JESTERMAN EP is out now.