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Justin Bieber Rocks Out to ‘Hold On’ in Vevo Live Performance Video

Bieber will perform four of his Justice tracks as part of the series

Justin Bieber performed a live rendition of his new Justice track “Hold On” as part of Vevo’s Official Live Performance series. “Hold On” is the first of four Justice tracks that Bieber is contributing to the series.

“I loved working with Vevo to create these Official Live Performances,” Bieber said in a statement. “Vevo has been part of all of my video releases since the beginning, and I feel so blessed to have them championing me for over a decade.”

The “Hold On” visual shows Bieber performing the track in a woodland clearing against a bright red backdrop alongside a backing band of two guitarists, a keyboardist, and a live drummer. As Bieber dances and runs around the clearing, strobe lights flash in the trees around him.

Bieber released Justice, his sixth studio album, this past Friday, and celebrated the new release with a performance of “Hold On” on The Late Late Show With James Corden. The album also includes “Holy” featuring Chance the Rapper, “Lonely” featuring Benny Blanco, and “Anyone,” which will all be featured on Bieber’s live performance videos for Vevo. Justice has not been without its controversies: The French dance duo Justice has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Bieber over the album, and its use of audio from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speeches has been criticized.

From Rolling Stone US