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Jonas Brothers Wrap Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony With Album Announcement

Their upcoming record, ‘The Album’, arrives May 5th

Jonas Brothers

Michael Buckner/Variety

The Jonas Brothers appeared in Los Angeles earlier today to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With a crowd of fans gathered to celebrate the honor nearly two decades into their career, the sibling trio wanted to send them off with a gift, too. “I think we should make a quick announcement,” Nick said, waiting for the screams to die down before adding: “We are excited to announce today that our new album, ‘The Album,’ will be coming out May 5.”

The Album will follow up the band’s grand comeback album Happiness Begins, released in 2019. In the four years since, both Nick and Joe have worked on their respective solo projects and managed to do so without fracturing the band’s foundation again. Heading into what will be their sixth studio album, the Jonas Brothers have swapped out their creative partnership with Ryan Tedder on Happiness Begins for a fresh approach alongside singer and songwriter Jon Bellion.

“The key to Jon’s initial pitch was bringing in influences from the ’70s, but with a really modern edge to Variety in a recent interview. “We wanted to find a way to tell stories that are universal but also ultra-personal.”

The Album will lean into seventies themes, with particular attention paid to what made the Bee Gees so successful. “They were a huge influence in our lives, growing up and listening to them with our father,” Kevin added. “And obviously, as we grew up being three brothers in a band, we definitely understood similarities.”

This time around, all three members of the band are fathers, which has also influenced their evolving approach to music. “The direction of the lyrics, the stories we’re telling… It has changed a lot,” Joe explained. “And there’s another important consideration. “I think about the fact that our kids will listen to this music.”

After the album arrives in May, the Jonas Brothers will begin prepping for an upcoming 2023 tour, which also received cheers of approval from the crowd at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. Next month, the band will return to Las Vegas for their third residency stretch.

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