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Jet Are Offering Pairs of 16-Year-Old Underwear in A New Fan Giveaway

Jet are giving fans the chance to take home one of the strangest pieces of band merch in a while, giving away pairs of women’s underwear from around 2004.

Image of Melbourne rockers Jet

Jet have unearthed a box of dead tour merch stock, and its contents can be yours!


It’s one of the strangest giveaways you’ll see, but Melbourne rock icons Jet have announced a competition offering up pairs of 16-year-old women’s underwear to fans.

To understand where this is all coming from, you’ll have to go back a little bit. When Jet released their debut album, Get Born, back in 2003 they were unstoppable. Selling four million copies, and boasting singles like “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and “Rollover DJ”, the record was a commercial and critical success.

By 2004, the band were one of the most in-demand groups in the world, playing shows all over the globe, and seeing their busiest year to date. As a result, the group found themselves selling copious amounts of merchandise at every turn, resulting in a need to sell even more intriguing pieces of memorabilia.

Now, it appears that one of these items was in fact Jet underwear, with the group recently discovering a box full of the undergarments in wherever it is they store such an item.


“We’ve uncovered a box load of dead stock 2004 tour merch and want to share it with you,” the group wrote on Instagram overnight.

“Follow the rules below to win a pair (two set) of JET women’s underwear. The more comments you drop the more chances you have to score these limited edition undies. Cuz let’s face it, you (or your wooza) need something new to wear at home while your wait for the Deliveroo to arrive.”

Branded with the Jet name and a guitar, the undies definitely look far more stylish than offered up by any rival rock band. Fans are urged to share their favourite lyric from the group’s discography to be in with a chance to win the vintage unmentionables.

While we can’t say with certainty which entry might win the competition at this point, our money is on a creative mash-up that somehow changes a line in their works to include the word “underwear”.