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Jason Isbell Announces New Signature Electric Guitar

“I really wanted guitar players who had no interest in me or my music to still be interested in the instrument,” singer-songwriter says of new Fender model

Jason Isbell has announced a new signature electric guitar by Fender.

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Jason Isbell is often lauded for his immense skill as a songwriter — and rightly so — but he’s also a nimble guitarist who can trade fiery licks with the 400 Unit’s Sadler Vaden when their live shows get loud. On Tuesday, Isbell made it a little easier to get his sound when he unveiled his new signature Fender Telecaster model.

“I think the Telecaster is probably the best guitar design of all time, just because of how durable it is and how versatile it is,” Isbell said in a video introducing the model. “I don’t know that I’ve ever played one that, if it was appropriately set up, didn’t sound good. I can always find a good tone on a Telecaster.”

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The Jason Isbell signature Fender Telecaster is available for purchase now. Isbell also recently released the digital version of his Live From Welcome to 1979 EP, featuring covers of songs by John Prine, the Rolling Stones, and Bruce Springsteen. His latest studio album is 2020’s Reunions.

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