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Jack Antonoff Enlists St. Vincent for Bleachers’ Electric Lady Rooftop Performance

Musicians perform two new tracks from Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night

Jack Antonoff spends a lot of time at Manhattan’s Electric Lady Studios — whether he’s dissecting a song he produced with Clairo or playing acoustic for Lorde. This time, though, he takes to the studio’s rooftop with his own band, Bleachers.

Positioned on the rooftop adorned with vines and festive lights, the band performed “Big Life” and “What’d I Do With All of This Faith?” from their new album Take the Sadness Out of Saturday Night. For the latter, they were joined by St. Vincent, who co-produced the album and contributed vocals.

The rooftop performance follows other Bleacher clips filmed there, including their recent Tiny Desk Concert for NPR and that time they tore through “Chinatown” with Bruce Springsteen.

“If I was trying to make an album that everyone in the world was supposed to like, I would ask everyone in the world, but I’m trying to make an album that’s for my people,” Antonoff recently told Rolling Stone. “So I’m playing it for my people.”

From Rolling Stone US