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‘In My Room’ With Fan Girl

Melbourne’s Fan Girl have shared a truly mesmerising performance in various rooms for our ‘In My Room’ series.

Melbourne’s Fan Girl have invited us into their world for the latest instalment of Rolling Stone’s ‘In My Room’, a series in which artists perform from home following a year which has seen live shows become a rarity.

If you’ve followed the Fan Girl story over the last few years, then you’d likely be as amazed as anyone how the group have managed to make some of the most gorgeous indie-rock compositions over their career, which has been accompanied by dizzying highs, and devastating lows.

In recent years, Fan Girl have found themselves streamlining matters somewhat, trimming down their lineup to a three-piece, and allowing them to showcase their talents in a most impressive way. Now, they’ve invited us into their world for one of the greatest ‘In My Room’ sessions to date, allowing us to witness their performances in a truly unique way.

Kicking things off with a rendition of the gorgeous “Fox Song”, Fan Girl recruit the filming talents of Francesca Napier and Lucy Campbell to record their performance from the cosy environment of their bedroom, before changing rooms, and taking us around the house to emotionally devastate us with the brilliance of “Basecamp”.

The cosy, acoustic nature of the song is punctuated by the wood-panelled walls and the lazy copy of Air’s Moon Safari seen in the background. Of course, Fan Girl aren’t done there, changing rooms once again to wrap things up with a raucous version of “backwards (everything is)”.

Truly taking the concept of ‘In My Room’ to its limits, it’s clear that Fan Girl have delivered something truly special with this performance, and it stands out as one that not only needs to be watched more than a couple of times, but one that needs to be revisited again and again.

Check out Fan Girl’s performance in the player above, or by heading over to Rolling Stone Australia’s Instagram page. In the meantime, their latest single, “backwards (everything is)”, was released back in October.