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Illy and G Flip Team Up For Anthemic Single, ‘Loose Ends’

“I’m a huge fan of G Flip, and her vocals gave the track extra feeling,” Illy said of the new collaboration. “Now I can’t imagine it without her.”

Simon Upton*; Supplied

Two of the biggest names in Australian music have collaborated in what may be one of the most exciting pairings in recent memory, with Illy and G Flip offering up the anthemic “Loose Ends”.

Following some enigmatic teasing on socials by both artists, the song was officially released this morning, with its origins extending back to 2019 when Illy was on a writing trip to Darwin with producer Cam Bluff.

“‘Loose Ends’ is about growing up, loss, and accepting that things don’t always go how they do in movies,” Illy explained. “It’s kind of a love song about a time that’s gone and you can’t go back to.

“The line ‘you can never go home’ is saying ‘home’ is a memory, and even if you went back to the physical place now, it’ll never be what it was. Because life moves on.”

Realising that the song needed a little something extra, Illy enlisted the help of the multi-talented G Flip to add the finishing touches earlier this year.

“I’m a huge fan of G Flip, and her vocals gave the track extra feeling,” he explained. “Now I can’t imagine it without her.”

“Loose Ends” serves as the second single released by Illy in 2020, following the arrival of “Last Laugh” earlier in the year. As it stands, it’s nearing four years since the release of his latest studio album, though a number of singles – such as “Then What” – have tided fans over during this time.

More recently, Illy has been using his time in quarantine to rebirth his “Friday Flips” series, sharing the track “Parmas in June” for triple j’s Quarantunes series, and also working towards the release of his forthcoming sixth album.

Meanwhile, G Flip shared “Hyperfine” earlier this year, which served as the first single since her 2019 debut, About Us. Earlier this month, she released a second version of the track including vocals from US artist LoveLeo.

“Loose Ends” by Illy and G Flip is out now via Sony Music Entertainment Australia.