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Brisbane’s Hartley Shares Her Latest Alt-Pop Anthem, ‘Underwater’

Hartley continues her status as one of Australia’s most prolific pop artists, releasing her latest single, “Underwater”, earlier today.


2020 is undoubtedly on track to be the year of Hartley, with the rising Brisbane artist sharing her latest single, “Underwater”, today.

Having burst onto the scene back in 2019, Hartley officially released her self-titled debut EP back in January, collecting the four singles released across the previous months. Since then, she’s been hard at work becoming one of the country’s most prolific artists, sharing the likes of “Bittersweet” and “Feel Too Much”.

Now, Hartley has unveiled her latest track, “Underwater”, co-written with Gossling and co-produced by the talented Perto.

“I started writing ‘Underwater’ in a little studio in Melbourne with Gossling, where we talked about having the realisation that something’s not all you hoped for it to be,” Hartley explains. “I really wanted to apply that feeling to being underwater – something that can either be so peaceful or completely engulfing.

“After the session I took the song home and produced it and added all the vocal hooks and layers, then I brought that production into a session with Perto where he took the song from heartbreaking ballad to emotional bop within 20 minutes,” she adds.

The latest taste of her Feel Too Much EP campaign, which is on track for release later in the year, the likes of “Underwater” helps to prove Hartley’s worth as one of not just the finest alt-pop artists in the country, but the world as a whole.

If you’re liking the sound of what you’re hearing, be sure to visit Rolling Stone Australia on Monday afternoon when Hartley’s appearance as part of our ongoing ‘In My Room’ series goes live.

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Hartley’s “Underwater” is out now via Warner Music.