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Gordi Shares Georgia Maq Remix of ‘Extraordinary Life’

Remixed by Georgia Maq of Camp Cope, the track is set to appear on Gordi’s forthcoming ‘Extraordinary Life’ EP.


A few months on from the release of her second album, Our Two Skins, Gordi has unveiled the Georgia Maq remix of the record’s final single, “Extraordinary Life”.

Released today, the track is set to appear on Gordi’s EP of the same name, which arrives on Thursday, and features reworks from Maq and Alex Somers, a bedroom demo, and a live version from the Sydney Opera House.

The remix also comes accompanied by a music video featuring both Gordi and Maq, filmed in Melbourne during lockdown in October by Liam Pethick. The clip features the pair playing a one-on-one basketball game, decked out in face masks as the electronically-tinged rendition of the track plays out behind them.

Releasing the original version of “Extraordinary Life” back in June, Gordi noted that its meaning is simply based around the desire of wanting only the best for someone.

“I was standing in a shower in a hostel in Ghent at 2am towards the end of 2017 and I started humming,” she explained of the song’s origins. “I began recording the demo in stairwells across Europe while I was on tour with Asgeir and in most of the demo vocals you can hear distant chatter in Icelandic.

“For all the turmoil and anguish described in the record, this song just sits in pure joy. I like the idea that the ultimate gesture of love is to make someone feel exceptional; like they deserve an extraordinary life.”

Despite featuring a global pandemic, 2020 has served as one of the busiest years for Gordi to date. In addition to Our Two Skins reaching over a million streams on Spotify last week, the artist – who is a practising doctor outside of music – has spent months in Victorian hospitals assisting with the COVID-19 outbreak, and it set to present a special health care worker edition of IsolAid this weekend.

Meanwhile, Gordi is also set to kick off a special socially-distanced tour next week, with performances along the east coast of Australia.

Georgia Maq’s remix of “Extraordinary Life” is out now, while Gordi will release the EP of the same name on Thursday, October 8th.