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Garbage Wrestle With ‘Inner Conflict’ on New Song ‘Wolves’

“This song reminds me of my younger self, when there were two sides to my personality,” Shirley Manson says of latest No Gods No Masters single

Garbage have released the video for their new track “Wolves,” the latest single and “pop song” off the band’s upcoming album No Gods No Masters.

“This song reminds me of my younger self when there were two sides to my personality,” Shirley Manson said of “Wolves” in a statement. “I hurt so many people in my life, both knowingly and unknowingly, I’m sure. But when you’re young and in self-survival mode, much like a baby rattlesnake, you have no idea how strong your venom is. But it has the power to kill.”Manson added: “This is a song about inner conflict. About regret. About duality… This song is an ode to that idea of: Who are you going to be as a person? Are you going to be a force of harm or are you going to try to do good in the world? A song about the struggle that exists inside ourselves as humans.”

“Wolves” is the third preview from Garbage’s seventh studio album No Gods No Masters — due out June 11th — following the first single “The Men Who Rule the World” and the title track. The video for “Wolves” was created by Chilean film director, animator, and painter Javi.MiAmor, who also made the visual for “The Men Who Rule the World.”

The LP was produced by Garbage together with longtime collaborator Billy Bush, with the band recording the demos for the album in the summer of 2018 in Palm Springs. A deluxe version of the album features previously released rarities like their 2013 cover of the Bruce Springsteen-penned Patti Smith hit “Because the Night,” featuring Screaming Females, and their 2018 standalone single “Destroying Angels,” with X’s John Doe and Exene Cervenka.

“This is our seventh record, the significant numerology of which affected the DNA of its content: the seven virtues, the seven sorrows, and the seven deadly sins,” Manson previously said of the album. “It was our way of trying to make sense of how fucking nuts the world is and the astounding chaos we find ourselves in. It’s the record we felt that we had to make at this time.”

From Rolling Stone US