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Even Unveil New Single, ‘Cherry Afterglow’

The second single from the beloved Melbourne rockers, Even are set to announce their forthcoming eighth album in the near future.

Jay Hynes*

Beloved and influential Melbourne rockers Even have unveiled their latest single for 2021, with “Cherry Afterglow” arriving this morning.

Having last released a full length album by way of 2018’s Satin Returns, the last two years have seen a handful of new tracks by Even coming forth, with June’s “Six Monkeys” serving as the first taste of their new upcoming album.

Now today has seen the release of “Cherry Afterglow”, a more atmospheric track that still captures the classic Even sound, complete with the inimitable guitarwork and vocals of Ash Naylor front and centre. Sweet and slick, yet still as raw and raucous as ever, “Cherry Afterglow” is indication that the group’s upcoming eighth album is on track to be one of their best to date.

Originally forming in the mid-’90s as one of the countless bands that Naylor has been attached to over the years, Even have since grown into one of the country’s most respected and consistent outfits, with percussionist Matthew Cotter and bassist Wally Kempton rounding out the trio.

Having released their debut album, Less Is More, back in 1996, the group’s quarter century career has seen them receive numerous accolades and consistent critical acclaim, albeit without the appropriate mainstream success that is deserved.

Even are on track to release their forthcoming album in the coming months, with further details set to arrive in the near future.

Even’s “Cherry Afterglow” is out now via El Reno Music.