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End of Fashion End Eight-Year Silence with New Single, ‘Break Thru’

End of Fashion first rose to fame in the mid-’00s with singles such as “O Yeah”, before going on hiatus in 2012.


Aussie indie-rockers and festival favourites End of Fashion have put an end to their period of inactivity, officially remerging with their first since in eight years, “BreakThru”.

Cast your mind back 15 years, and you’d have been hard-pressed to find anyone paying attention to the music scene who weren’t aware of End of Fashion. Hailing from Perth, the group first turned heads with their 2004 EP Rough Diamonds, before their self-titled debut album put them on the map thanks to the ever-infectious “O Yeah”.

While a second album received moderate chart success in 2008, the band’s final album flew almost completely under the radar, causing frontman Justin Burford to infamously claim that “triple j ended the career path of End of Fashion, no question.”

However, the announcement a one-off reunion tour in 2016 saw Burford backtrack somewhat, noting he felt “tarnished” by the comments he claimed should’ve amounted to little more than a “Facebook rant”.

Now, it appears as though End of Fashion’s career is far from over, with the group officially announcing their comeback via new single “BreakThru” earlier today.

Described as featuring the same “classic End of Fashion feel”, the track is an anthemic rock number, featuring allusions to the dark fantasy featuring in rock epics of the Seventies, and boasting a more mature sound than previous compositions by the group.

“My songs tend to or try to talk about universal human conditions, love/loneliness etc but Fash have a tendency to put these conditions through a weird lens in our music,” Burford explains. “I have a complex with time and cosmology.

“I like to put my relatable and human subjects through a lens of meta-fascinations like time and existentialism.”

The newly-reformed End of Fashion lineup features Burford back in his role as frontman, along with guitarist Julian Dudman (The Sleepy Jackson) drummer Nathan Sproule (Southern River Band), and the recent addition of Vanessa Thornton (Jebediah).

At this stage, it’s unaware whether “BreakThru” will serve as the first taster of new music from the group, or of it’s a one-off single.

End of Fashion’s “BreakThru” is out now.