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Song You Need to Know: Ella Minehan, ‘Read Receipts’

The Christchurch-born songwriter’s latest empowering pop cut? You’re left on ‘seen’

Ella Minehan

Tom Grut

Ella Minehan is all too familiar with the toxicity of a situationship in her latest single “Read Receipts”. 

But she’s not here for the drama—she’s flipping the script with a funky beat and a cheeky attitude, leaving her disappointing other half on ‘seen’ while she priorities self-care.

“Gotta remind myself to put me first… La la la, I left you on seen,” she croons, serving up a healthy dose of empowerment.

The music video, directed by Tom Grut, transports viewers back to the 2000s with nostalgic nods to Barbie and Mean Girls. Minehan shows off her growing camera presence alongside TikTok talent Taylor Roche, who plays her unlucky ‘Ken’ co-star, fresh from the dumping grounds. You can watch the clip below. 

“Read Receipts” marks a vibrant pop chapter for the Christchurch-born songwriter, serving as the lead single from her upcoming debut EP. It’s a departure from her earlier tunes, which leaned towards slower tempos in 2021 and 2022.

“My first releases were an introduction to myself,” says Minehan. “But this single is a culmination of the growth and confidence I’ve developed since. Of coming into myself as an artist, and saying ‘This is Ella Minehan’. I want people to hear this song and ask the person next to them, ‘Who is this chick?’”

But where did this powerhouse come from? Raised on a farm outside Christchurch, the 24-year-old’s vocal heroes were the likes of Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Aretha Franklin. “I grew up thinking I had to sound sweet and feminine,” she admits. “As I got older, I realized having a deep, womanlike voice was also a gift.”

It’s no surprise that at 24, Minehan is embracing a bigger, bolder pop sound. Her debut single “Written Lines” and follow-up “Lavender Hearts” both found success on the iTunes NZ Singles Charts. She also garnered attention with a performance at Rhythm and Vines alongside New Zealand drum-and-bass artist Mylen, with whom she collaborated on the track “Drowning” in August 2023.

Ella Minehan’s “Read Receipts” is out now.