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Drake’s Response Track to Kendrick Lamar Appears to Have Leaked

“Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50)” serves as rapper’s response to Lamar’s beef-rekindling “Like That”

Drake and Kendrick Lamar

Prince Williams/Wireimage; Astrida Valigorsky/Getty Images

Drake’s response track to Kendrick Lamar’s Drake and J. Cole-dragging verse in Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That,” from their album We Don’t Trust You, has appeared to have leaked. It has not been confirmed by Drake. The song, titled “Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50),” was first leaked in a few different iterations earlier in the day on Saturday, April 13. The leak initially sparked fans to debate on whether it may have been AI-generated before it was somewhat confirmed as authentic later in the day.

The track looked to be teased by RapCaviar and Spotify with a “Hip-Hop is a competitive sport” tagline, implying the official track may come out soon. A rep for Drake did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone‘s request for comment on the validity of the song that has leaked.

On the acerbic new leak, it appears Drake takes shots at Lamar’s height, rapping, “You won’t never take no chain off of us/How the fuck you been steppin’ with a size 7 mens on?” Toward the end of the track, he also refers to him as a “midget.”

He then goes after Lamar for his pop collaborations: “Maroon 5 need a verse you better make it witty/You only need a verse for the Swiftie/Top say drop and give ‘em 50.”

Going toe-to-toe with Lamar’s verse that “it’s just big me” when it comes to hip-hop’s big three, Drake raps: “Pipsqueak, pipe down, you ain’t in no big three/SZA got you wiped down/Travis got you wiped down, Savage got you wiped down.”

It also appears on the leak that Drake takes aim at others beyond Lamar, including his “Like That” pals, Future and Metro Boomin. Drake raps: “I can never be nobody Number One fan/You’re first Number One I had to put in your hand” — an apparent diss on Future’s “You a nigga Number One fan, dog” from “We Don’t Trust You.” Meanwhile, Drake calls out Metro by name: “Metro, shut yo ho ass up and make some drums.”

Later, he also appears to take shots at Rick Ross and the Weeknd, both of whom collaborate on We Don’t Trust You. Ross appeared to drop his own diss track toward Drake before his track was officially out.

On Ross’ “Champagne Moments,” the rapper alleges that Drake got a nose job, an accusation that even had Drake’s mom texting her son for confirmation, as Drake shared on social media. Drake also warned of a reprisal against Ross, “Don’t worry we’ll handle it.”

J. Cole dropped his own Lamar diss track, “7 Minute Drill,” which he later said he regretted during a speech from the stage at his Dreamville festival. Despite all of the drama, Cole appears on the second installment of Future and Metro Boomin’s joint album series, We Still Don’t Trust You, with his song “Red Leather.”

This story was updated on Sunday at 11:15 am EST with Drake’s response to Rick Ross’ diss track.

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