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Doja Cat Embarks on Intergalactic Rescue Mission in ‘Get Into It (Yuh)’ Video

The Planet Her universe gets an extension when Doja Cat’s feline companion is held hostage by a space alien

Things are shaking up in the intergalactic universe of Planet Her as Doja Cat finds her feline companion Starscream taken hostage by an enemy space alien in the music video for “Get Into It (Yuh).”

Directed by Mike Diva, the video sends Doja Cat on a rescue mission with an elite crew of dancers. Following her lead, the team distracts the enemy defenders with a wall-to-wall twerk routine while she reflects shots off of her body armor.

Doja Cat outsourced an actor cat to portray her pet in the video, leaving her actual real-life companions Alex and Ray out of the mix. Instead, she had her team hold a casting call where she picked a “funny-looking one with really dirty, crazy eyes,” she told Rolling Stone.

The video pokes fun at half of the inspiration for her stage name — the only half that’s still representative of the person behind the artist. Doja Cat is both a nod to her love of felines and her past love of weed, which she has since stopped smoking.

Doja isn’t the biggest fan of her stage name anymore (“My image was the pothead hippie girl, and I’m not that”) or the easy shots that come with it (“[SNL] made a joke the other day that Doja Cat sounds like a Pokémon. And, you know, it didn’t hurt my feelings, but it definitely hurt my feelings”), but it’s too late to go back now. She might as well have fun with it.

From Rolling Stone US