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Doja Cat Doesn’t Clown Around With Super Bowl Cover of Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin’

Doja Cat sports some clown makeup in the Super Bowl Taco Bell ad, titled “The Grande Escape”

Doja Cat’s vocals will be gracing the homes of millions on Super Bowl Sunday — thanks to a new Taco Bell commercial. Doja will be featured in the spot, titled “The Grande Escape,” where the singer covers alt-rock classic “Celebrity Skin” by Hole. And she got help from Courtney Love to reimagine some of the lyrics.

“Oh, make me over/I’m all I want to be/A walking fire/You can’t get rid of me,” she sings in the first verse, replacing the lyrics “A walking study/In demonology.” The song will also drop as a single this week.

The ad — set to air during the game’s fourth quarter — follows clown ‘fit-clad Doja and a set of friends as they escape clown school and (Baja) blast toward Taco Bell. A behind-the-scenes video follows Doja as she films takes for the music video in front of a blue screen and records her rendition of the ’98 track originally recorded by Love.

By the end of the video, Cat and her friends dramatically lose the clown ‘fits and enjoy their fast-food meal outside the restaurant and in their clownish car.

From Rolling Stone US