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DMA’S Release Powerful New Track, ‘Learning Alive’

The new track is the latest taster from ‘The Glow’, the forthcoming DMA’S record which is currently set for release on July 10th.

Speaking to 'Rolling Stone Australia' recently, DMA'S outlined their plans for a "punkier" EP somewhere down the line.

McLean Stephenson/Supplied

As Sydney trio DMA’S get ever-closer to the release of their new album, the globally-renowned outfit have now offered fans a new taste of their upcoming record, sharing the new track “Learning Alive” earlier today.

First teased on their social accounts yesterday, the track and its accompanying video are officially set for release at 6pm AEST on Wednesday according to the I OH YOU Instagram account. However, the track has appeared on YouTube and streaming services a little early, with fans already flocking to check out the new track.

Kicking things off with Tommy O’Dell’s gorgeous voice and some heartfelt piano-work, the track quickly shifts gears, becoming another example of stadium-ready anthems that the group are known for.

While DMA’S are currently on track to release their new album, The Glow, on July 10th following its original release date being pushed back from April, they’ve also announced a pair of online live sets for their UK fanbase this morning.

Taking place on July 19th, the two stripped-back sets will be hosted by Edinburgh’s Assai Records and Leeds’ Crash Records, and will be hosted on Zoom for a strictly-limited number of fans who pre-order copies of The Glow.

With the record’s release date being pushed back so far, DMA’S have spent the last few months giving fans plenty of sneak previews into the new album. In addition to singles such as “Silver” and “Life is a Game of Changing”, the record’s title track and a handful of remixes have also been shared for eager fans.

Most recently, the Willaris. K remix of “Life is a Game of Changing” was released last month, with “a dark and alluring undertone” giving the track a brand new life.

“As soon as I heard ‘Life Is a Game of Changing’ I was hooked on the vocal,” Willaris. K explained.

“It’s the only thing I’ve started and finished in isolation and all I was imagining when I was making it was playing it live when this is all over.”

The official video for “Learning Alive” is on track to be released this evening, while pre-orders are available now for The Glow.