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Dee Snider Endorses Petition for AC/DC to Play Super Bowl

The Twisted Sister frontman has thrown his support behind an effort to have AC/DC support their supposed new album with a slot at the Super Bowl.

Image of Australian rock icons AC/DC


Days after the 2020 NFL Super Bowl, a petition has been started for Australian music legends AC/DC to provide the halftime entertainment next year.

Ever since Super Bowl I took place back in 1967, fans of sport and entertainment across the globe have found themselves serving curious onlookers for at least a day, eager to enjoy the biggest day in sport and watch some big-name entertainment.

As time has gone on, these halftime performances have become all anyone talks about, with much airtime being given to the efforts from Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Emme Muñiz on February 2.

Of course, these performances aren’t without controversy, with petitions often springing up to call for a different sort of act serve as the day’s entertainment. In fact, last year saw Disturbed frontman David Draiman the subject of a petition to sing the national anthem before the game, with supporters claiming there’s been a distinct lack of heavy music at the event over the years.

They’re not wrong though, with the last time a “rock” artist featured at halftime being Lenny Kravitz in 2015. Prior to that, the Red Hot Chili Peppers teamed up with Bruno Mars in 2014, and The Who headlined the event in 2010.

Now, there are calls for none other than AC/DC to serve as the halftime entertainment in 2021.

Last December, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider claimed that the band were not only on track to utilise Phil Rudd, the late Malcolm Young, and even Brian Johnson for a new album, but that a tour was on the way.

Noting he was hoping for them to play at the 2021 Super Bowl, one fan appears to have taken this call to heart, launching a petition for the group to be called on for the halftime show next year.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had some REAL METAL play the halftime show for the Super Bowl,” petition-starter Gina Dilecce wrote. “Don’t get me wrong, ALL MUSIC artists have done a great job and SHOULD play the show, but we all need a turn.

“It’s time for some rock and roll! And who better than AC/DC to play?! They are coming back together, making a new album and possibly touring again.  This would be perfect!! Come together, Metal heads, and get this going! Dee Snider of Twisted Sister is WITH US!!”

Within just a couple of days, the petition has seen its list of supporters slowly creep towards 4,000, though a recent push from Snider himself appears to be helping the cause.


Pushing the campaign via his own Twitter account, Snider also filmed a message to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on his Instagram page, claiming that AC/DC provides the “real rock” the annual event needs.

“There are a lot of bands that are stadium worthy and a lot of bands that have sold hundreds of millions of records, but the one band that I think has such crossover appeal to so many people in all genres is AC/DC,” Snider explains.

“You play so many of their songs at every single game – and the band is reuniting with a new album, they’re going to be touring again and they would bring down the house.”

While the petition hasn’t been commented on by anyone over at AC/DC HQ, it’s worth noting that claims of a new album surfacing are also yet to be confirmed. However, Eddie McGuire claimed just last month the band would share their new album in “February or March”, while a tour would follow in “October or November”. Stay tuned for more details.