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See Danny Elfman’s Frenzied ‘Kick Me’ Video

Singer/composer ends pop dormancy by releasing new music on 11th of every month of 2021

Danny Elfman continues his yearlong plan to release new music on the 11th of every month with “Kick Me,” a punk tirade from the Oingo Boingo singer that attacks elitism.

“Kick me I‘m a celebrity, kick me I‘m a celebrity/Losers not invited,” Elfman snarls on the track. “Kick me I‘m a royalty, kick me I‘m a royalty/Poverty disgusts me.” He adds later, “Fuck me, I’m a billionaire/I love the attention.”

As Elfman said in a tongue-in-cheek statement: “I was feeling particularly mellow one day last summer. I decided to write this very chill song for everyone who wants to put something on that will really help them zone out and relax. Enjoy!”

The singer/composer paired his new song with a creepy, frenzied video (complete with seizure warning) directed by Petros Papahadjopoulos and featuring animation by Joe Pascale.

“This video is a statement on image and, to me personally, a fulfillment of seeing a wild, raw performance from Danny Elfman after a lengthy hiatus from the stage,” Papahadjopoulos said in a statement.

Throughout 2021, Elfman is releasing new music on the 11th day of every month — “elf” means 11 in German — including “Love in the Time of Covid,” “Sorry,” and 2020’s “Happy,” which marked Elfman’s first pop single in nearly 40 years.

From Rolling Stone US