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‘We Never Thought We’d Be Making History’: Watch the Trailer for Cypress Hill’s Smoke-Filled Documentary

Take a wild guess what day in April Insane in the Brain premieres

The weed-filled, lowrider-laced story of Cypress Hill is coming to the small screen. On Thursday, Showtime released the official trailer for Cypress Hill: Insane in the Brain about the rap group’s influence on hip-hop.

The film is directed by Estevan Oriol and explores the group’s one-of-a-kind sound and how they were able to effortlessly feature their Latino roots and west coast upbringing in their music. “Somewhere in here, there is Cypress Hill,” the trailer starts as B-Real looks through film with a microscope. “We never thought we’d be making history.”

The film is set to feature archival footage and images of the group — originally comprising B-Real, Sen Dog, Eric Bobo, and DJ Muggs — from their start performing in front of 16 people to their peak at more than 150,000 fans. “They were like beautiful trainwrecks.”

“The sound of marijuana is Cypress Hill,” says Fred Durst in the documentary before flashing to an interview with Cheech and Chong. “It was very taboo to talk about it at the time. We were trying to get it legal,” says B-Real.

The new documentary – which premieres, of course, on April 20 – comes several weeks after the hip-hop group released its album Back in Black. “We were proud hip-hoppers back in the day and we’ve gone through it all. We’re proud to be part of the hip-hop industry,” Sen Dog said in a statement in January. “Doing a straight hip-hop joint was the way to go.”

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