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Corey Taylor Recounts Run-In With the Devil on New Song ‘Hwy 666’

Track will appear on Slipknot frontman’s solo debut, CMFT

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor recounts a gruesome crossroads encounter with the Devil in his new song, “Hwy 666,” off his upcoming solo album, CMFT, out October 2nd via Roadrunner Records.

In the song, Taylor narrates a harrowing tale of a man wandering down the titular road when the Dark Lord appears, eager to snatch a new soul. Accompanying the song is an animated lyric video that brings Taylor’s story to life, complete with a brutal brawl between the main character and the Devil and his demonic minions.

“Hwy 666” is packed with scorching guitars and gigantic hooks, although the relentless thump of its drums gives it a feel reminiscent of another classic tune about meeting Satan, Charlie Daniels’ “Devil Went Down to Georgia”

“Hwy 666” marks the latest offering from CMFT, following “Black Eyes Blue” and “CMFT Must Be Stopped,” featuring Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie. Taylor recorded the album at Las Vegas’ Hideout Studio, and it features songs he wrote as far back as his teens alongside newly penned tracks. CMFT is Taylor’s first solo album, although it follows Slipknot’s 2019 effort, We Are Not Your Kind.

From Rolling Stone US