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Chris Hemsworth Loves Ed Sheeran So Much He’s Making Fancams

The ‘Thor’ star saw his third (third!) Sheeran show this year — and even brought along Matt Damon

Chris Hemsworth Ed Sheeran

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images; Tim Mosenfelder/WireImage

Chris Hemsworth is truly a man of contrasts. While in New York City for the premiere of Extraction 2 — the new action thriller extravaganza in which Hemsworth plays a grizzled mercenary with a knack for rescue jobs and racking up egregious body counts —  the actor quickly popped over to New Jersey so he could enjoy his third (third!) Ed Sheeran show of the year.

Devoted stan that he is, Hemsworth not only documented the occasion, but he also turned the footage into his own damn fancam. There’s him and Sheeran hanging backstage, and wait, who’s that? Is that Matt… Damon? Yup, Chris Hemsworth brought Matt Damon to an Ed Sheeran show, and he’s backstage drinking a Stella. Incredible. (Charlamagne Tha God was apparently there, too, but didn’t make the cut in Hemsworth’s clip. Tough luck and sorry to this man, etc., etc.)

The best part of Hemsworth’s fancam, though, came at the end. After a run of concert footage, Hemsworth showed the tail end of Sheeran’s performance of “Galway Girl,” immediately after which the Thor star turned the camera on himself and let out a delirious scream.

(And, to be fair, Sheeran returned the favor, popping up at the Extraction 2 premiere the day after his concert. Whether he let out a similar scream in support of Hemsworth, however, is unknown.)

Hemsworth’s love for Sheeran is sorta well-known at this point, thanks largely to an encounter earlier this year. Back in February, when Sheeran was touring Hemsworth’s home country of Australia, the pair met for a friendly exchange of “trade tools.” That meant Sheeran gifted Hemsworth one of his guitars, and Hemsworth gave Sheeran Thor’s hammer Mjolnir.

“Ed Sheeran I’ll make this guitar sing like no other and you swing that hammer with all your soul,” Hemsworth wrote in the caption on Instagram. “Love you brother!”


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