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Chris Brown, Noted Judge of Character, Calls Kyrie Irving ‘The Real Hero’ for Anti-Vaxx Stance

“It’s his choice and a damn good one,” Brown says of Irving’s choice to not take a safe and effective vaccine with an high rate of preventing Covid-19

Chris Brown and Kyrie Irving in 2014

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Chris Brown has gone to bat for his friend and NBA star Kyrie Irving, calling him “the real hero” for his stance against Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

In an Instagram Stories post on Wednesday, October 20th, Brown said he stood with Irving and added, “Whoever don’t like it … go live your damn life. It’s his choice and a damn good one. Always in my brothers [sic] corner.”

Irving has unexpectedly emerged as a prominent anti-vaxx voice. Earlier in October, he was benched by the Brooklyn Nets until he gets vaccinated due to a New York City law that requires people to prove they’ve been vaccinated to do indoor activities, like attend or play in NBA games. Just Tuesday, October 19th, NBA commissioner Adam Silver expressed his support for vaccine mandates like New York has implemented, and that he hopes Irving does decide to get vaccinated, “because I would love to see him play basketball this season.”

In a recent Instagram Live video, Irving tried to deflect some of the criticism that’s been leveled against him, saying he felt “demonized” and wondering why there was so much media scrutiny of him, one of the most popular and celebrated NBA players of his generation. “Why are you putting it on me?” he said. “This is not part of what’s going on with conservations with scientists and physicians and doctors. I’m just a hooper.”

As for Brown, he doesn’t appear to have said anything about his own vaccination status, and a rep did not immediately return Rolling Stone’s request for comment regarding that matter and his post in support of Irving. That said, Brown did previously boost a TikTok video that was critical of a pro-vaxx remix Juvenile made of “Back That Azz Up” on Instagram. 

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