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Childish Gambino Officially Releases New “3.15.20” Album

After a week of confusion, Donald Glover has returned with a new Childish Gambino album, officially releasing “3.15.20” over the weekend.

Image of Childish Gambino

Donald Glover is back with a new record after giving us a sneak peek last week.

Pavielle Garcia

Donald Glover has returned with a brand new Childish Gambino album, releasing 3.15.20 following a week of uncertainty.

This time last week, the music world had their eyebrows raised in confusion as they wondered just what the hell Donald Glover (otherwise known as Childish Gambino) was up to. While his followers were already aware that the Gambino project would be reaching its end at some point, the arrival of some new music began to raise questions.

Launching a website titled Donaldgloverpresents.com, a new 12-track album became available for streaming before mysteriously disappearing just 12 hours later with no word of warning.

Immediately, fans became confused. Just what was this album? There were no track titles or information released, and apart from guest appearances from Ariana Grande and 21 Savage, it was unclear if this was a new Gambino album or a solo record under the Donald Glover name.

This weekend, our questions were somewhat answered when a new countdown timer appeared on the site, eventually running out this evening when the untitled album returned. This time around, it was titled 3.15.20 and was made available on streaming services.

Released via Wolf+Rothstein/Liberator Music, a 12-track version has been issued under the Childish Gambino name, while a continuous version has been released under Donald Glover Presents, which somewhat helps to clarify the confusion set up by the mysterious website.

As for the content itself, many of the tracks are ostensibly untitled, officially named by the time at which they occur throughout the album’s 57-minute runtime. However, it features Ariana Grande on the track ‘Time’, which the live-favourite ‘Algorythm‘ makes an appearance, as does ‘Feels Like Summer’, which has been renamed ‘42.26’ for this release.

At the current time, it’s unclear whether or not this is the final Childish Gambino album that Glover has alluded to, or whether or not more music will be arriving at some point. Whatever the case, this new record just helps to provide us with more reason to be jealous of his exceptional talents.