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Can Preview New Album ‘Live in Stuttgart 1975’ With Mesmerizing Excerpt

Release will be the first in a new live album series from the German krautrock pioneers

German krautrock pioneers Can will release a new series of live albums, with the first installment, Live in Stuttgart 1975, arriving May 28th via Mute and Spoon Records.

Mute and Spoon previewed the release with an excerpt from “Stuttgart 75 Eins,” the first track on the album. (With their freeform performance style, Can didn’t really have setlists, so Live in Stuttgart 1975 has been segmented into five sections, numbered and titled one through five in German.) The clip finds Can in the throes of an extended jam, drummer Jaki Liebezeit anchoring the performance with a beat that swings with pinpoint precision, while the bass, keys, and guitar follow each other down an array of unexpected and clever paths.

Live in Stuttgart 1975 and the rest of the installments in the Can live series were taken from the best bootlegged recordings available, then mixed and mastered using 21st-century technology. Founding Can member Irmin Schmidt and the band’s longtime producer/engineer Rene Tinner helmed the project.

Per a release, the Can live series will offer a unique perspective on the band. Again, with the group’s freeform approach in mind, the live albums will feature some familiar themes, riffs, and motifs from the Can discography, but also plenty of material — like the blown-out sonic meltdowns Can nicknamed “Godzillas” — that never appeared in their studio work.

Live in Stuttgart 1975 is available to preorder. Future installments of the series will boast material from other concerts, although release dates and titles have yet to be announced.

From Rolling Stone US