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‘In My Room’ With Camp 8

Camp 8’s Reuben Apirana shares a trio of gorgeous songs, including the brand new composition, ‘No Matter’, for Rolling Stone’s ‘In My Room’.

Christchurch born, Melbourne-based Camp 8 has performed a trio of stunning tracks for the latest edition of Rolling Stone’s ‘In My Room’, a series in which artists perform from home while in quarantine.

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of music, then Camp 8 might just be one name that has been slowly appearing on your radar as time has gone by.

First making a splash on the scene in early 2019 with “Everything”, Camp 8’s Reuben Apirana has continued to create groundbreaking tunes at every opportunity, with the likes of “Hurt” preceding the release of his debut EP, Everything, back in July, and an appearance at the Isol-Aid festival in April showcasing his talents to a wider audience.

To celebrate the release of this accomplished EP, Reuben recorded a a handful of tracks for the latest edition of ‘In My Room’, performing from his bedroom while in lockdown in Melbourne.

Kicking things off with “Hurt”, Reuben shows exactly why Camp 8 is a force to be reckoned with on the local music scene, as his heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals pair together to create a truly transcendent experience.

Adding in “Happier”, Reuben closes his three-song appearance with a brand new track called “No Matter”. Though it remains to be seen when this new song will receive an official release, its exceptional songwriting and powerful delivery look set for it to become one of his most beloved tracks in no time.

Check out Camp 8’ performance in the player above, or by heading over to Rolling Stone Australia’s Instagram page. In the meantime, his debut EP, Everything, was released back in July, and is available to stream below.