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BTS Will ‘Be Back for Sure’ in 2025, RM Assures Fans

The singer compared the group’s current hiatus to a “vacation to get back to where I was, which was BTS and ARMY”


Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

BTSRM spoke about work and life during the group’s hiatus while also offering fans the ultimate assurance: BTS will “be back for sure” in 2025.

RM made the comments near the end of a Weverse livestream over the weekend (the video is archived on YouTube). During the chat, he shared a letter and song made by an ARMY member that encapsulated how much BTS had meant to them — and what it’s been like waiting for the band to return in 2025 as the seven members complete their mandatory military service in South Korea.

RM noted that his bandmate Suga had spoken about how he felt so much love from fans patiently “waiting for the reunion in 2025.” RM added, “I definitely feel that … And what I’m thinking right now is, these days, when I’m doing my solo projects, is, this is just like a vacation to get back to where I was, which was BTS and ARMY.”

He continued: “So, all the solo [work] is just a journey, but it is a very important journey for chapter two. It’s a journey to get back home safe, eventually, when we get back and reunite together in 2025.”

RM then thanked fans for their continued support and love, saying those were two things he’s never taken for granted. “And I guess — no, I can bet that all the other members would feel the same. This is a greatness of love … When I face this kind of love, I feel like it’s irresistible, and that’s what makes me go through all those trials and hardships and shit happening in life.”

BTS announced their hiatus in 2022, and since then two members have begun their mandatory military service — Jin and J-Hope — while Suga recently began the process of enlistment. The band members have also been embarking on a variety of projects, with V being the latest to announce the start of his solo era. He recently shared two songs, “Rainy Days” and “Love Me Again,” both of which will appear on his upcoming solo debut, Layover, out Sept. 8.

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