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Jin Gives ARMY an Army Update in New Photo With BTS Bandmates J-Hope and Jimin

Jin is the first member to fulfill his mandatory service requirements, while J-Hope will enlist next


Han Myung-Gu/WireImage/Getty Images

Jin, the first member of BTS to enlist for mandatory military service in South Korea, got a visit from two of his bandmates, J-Hope and Jimin, over the weekend.

Jin shared a photo on Instagram showing him in camouflage fatigues, holding up a peace sign, with J-Hope and Jimin on either side. In the caption, Jimin wrote, “어서와,” which translates to “Welcome.”

Jin began his mandatory military service late last year, and he’s expected to serve through June 2024. In January, he offered fans an update on his tenure with a WeVerse post, writing (per a translation), “I’m having fun. I’m posting a photo with permission from the military. Army, always be happy and stay well.” (Fittingly, both Jimin and J-Hope hopped into his comments at the time to show their support.)

As it happens, J-Hope is the next member of BTS scheduled to complete his military service. The band’s label, Big Hit, informed fans at the end of February that he would be enlisting soon, though it’s unclear exactly when he will enroll. Last Friday, March 3, J-Hope shared a new solo single, “On the Street,” featuring a verse from J. Cole.

The remaining members of BTS will also complete their mandatory military service over the next couple of years. Back in June 2022, the band announced that they would be taking a hiatus to focus on other endeavors and solo projects; a few months later, Big Hit confirmed that the members would also fulfill their military service requirements during the break as well. As it stands, BTS have no intention of breaking up and plan to reunite sometime in 2025.

As for those solo endeavors, the next big project from the BTS camp is Jimin’s solo debut, Face, which is set to arrive on March 24. Suga is also about to make history as the first member of BTS to embark on a solo tour, with his North American leg kicking off in April.

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