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BTS’ Jimin to Release Debut Solo Album Soon: ‘You Can Safely Look Forward to It’

“I’m currently preparing lots of things that I can do together with you guys,” the K-pop star said in a WeVerse stream

BTS' Jimin

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Jimin’s debut solo album is only a few weeks away and he has big plans for its arrival. During a recent WeVerse stream, the BTS member teased the upcoming release, which is tentatively scheduled for March, though an album title has yet to be shared.

“I think the album I’ve been working on is going to drop in around March,” Jimin said, according a translation from Soompi. “I’m currently preparing lots of things that I can do together with you guys around that time. I’m planning lots of different kinds of things we can do to have fun together and enjoy ourselves, so I think you can safely look forward to it.”

Jimin kicked his year off with an appearance alongside Taeyang on “Vibe,” the singer’s grand return after six years following his return from military service. “Jimin put in more effort than anyone, and I’m very thankful for that,” Taeyang told Rolling Stone in an interview last month.

The forthcoming album will make Jimin the third BTS member to share solo material since the supergroup went on hiatus while they individually explore solo endeavors and complete their mandatory military service. RM dropped the album Indigo at the close of 2022 and Jin released the single “The Astronaut” in October ahead of becoming the first member to enlist.

When Rolling Stone spoke with Jimin in 2021, a full solo project from him was only rumored and he didn’t have anything in the pipeline at the time. “To be perfectly honest, there’s really nothing that’s ready or prepared,” he said. “I am trying new things and really challenging myself with new things. But there is nothing that’s concrete or ready to put out.”

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