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BTS Perform ‘Black Swan,’ Talk Goal of Grammy Win on ‘Fallon’ Residency

Band’s Tonight Show stint lasts through Friday

For their third night on their week-long residency on The Tonight ShowBTS performed “Black Swan” in a stunning cathedral.

They sang the Map of the Soul: 7 track as the light poured through the walls, surrounded by lush greenery as they executed their synchronized choreography.

Later, Fallon and the band played a game of “Dance Your Feelings,” where they were given an emotion at random and asked to convey it through dance.

BTS also reflected on the first time they went on Fallon, when they spoke of their ambitions to win a Grammy (they weren’t nominated in 2020). “The Grammys is definitely the most honorable music award that evaluates the prominence and musicality of an artist,” RM said. “Doing a BTS solo performance with our own song and winning a Grammy [is] our ultimate goal, and our dream that has naturally grown inside us. Winning a Grammy in such difficult times could give greater hope and dreams to a lot of people, especially our army and Jimmy.”