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Benee Conjures a Vampire ‘Beach Boy’ in New Video

Benee channels her love for Twilight in the new music video

Benee just wants a vampire boyfriend. On Monday, the New Zealand singer channeled her inner twerking witch as she cast a spell to get herself a blood-sucking “Beach Boy” in the video for her new song.

“We’re by the ocean, think we need a break/Maybe this ain’t it, but I still want this,” she sings on the track. “Beach boy, be my bitch, babe/If it’s only for a day, take me out, but I won’t stay.”

Backed by an Eighties horror film aesthetic, Benee channels an emo girl who isn’t quite sure of what she wants as she conjures a vampire boyfriend while following “bitchcraft” instructions from a magazine. It results in the manifestation of a red-eyed, fang-toothed man she can dance with in a graveyard. “I was a huge Twilight fan growing up, and I wanted to have my own true vampire moment!” she tells Rolling Stone. (Edward Cullen, eat your heart out!) “I wanted this one to be upbeat and cheeky to match my lyrics, hehe.”

Benee isn’t new to the blood-sucking fantasies. In the animated video for “Night Garden” from her debut album Hey u x, Benee sings about some “things out there creepin’,” including some demons and a vampire.

The release of “Beach Boy” follows in the footsteps of the single “Doesn’t Matter” and her collaboration with Dreamer Boy, “Are You Letting Go?” She also released a stunning cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That You Used to Know” last year. She’s set to release her EP Lychee on March 4 before heading on tour across the U.S. in May and June.

From Rolling Stone US