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Avicii Museum to Open in Stockholm in 2021

The “Avicii Experience” will feature memorabilia, unseen photographs and unreleased music

The 'Avicii Experience,' a new museum dedicated to the late DJ/producer, will open in Stockholm, Sweden next year.

Sean Eriksson

A new museum dedicated to the life and music of Avicii will open in Stockholm, Sweden next year.

Per a press release, the “Avicii Experience” will “bring its visitors closer to the artist Avicii and the person Tim Bergling. The audience will follow Tim’s journey from a reclusive music nerd to a celebrated superstar, from his boyhood room where it all started to the Los Angeles studio where the biggest hits were created.”

On display at the museum will be a mix of memorabilia and previously unseen photographs and videos. Exhibits will also offer visitors the chance to “peer inside the creative process and the many collaborations behind the music.” When the Avicii Experience opens, it will boast previously unpublished early version of Avicii’s breakthrough hit “Levels,” as well as troves of previously unreleased music used to craft the 2019 posthumous album, Tim.

In a statement, one of Avicii’s collaborators, Chic’s. Nile Rodgers, said, “Avicii has quite rightly been celebrated as one of the greatest DJ’s of all time and as an important artist who made massively successful records but what I will remember the most is that Tim was one of the finest songwriters I ever worked with. We could work together for 24 hours a day and his melodic ideas would never stop coming. He was a melodic beast who has not as yet had the recognition he deserves for his extraordinary talent.”

The Avicii Experience will be part of a new facility in Stockholm called SPACE dedicated to music, gaming and content creation. A portion of revenue from the Avicii Experience will go to the Tim Bergling Foundation, which Avicii’s family launched after his death to raise money and awareness for an array of causes, especially those related to mental illness and suicide prevention.