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Angie McMahon Shares Live Recording of New Song, ‘Staying Down Low’

“This song isn’t going to be released this year, probably next year sometime,” Angie McMahon said of the live cut. “So for now it just lives in video form.”

In lieu of a cancelled world tour, Angie McMahon is set to perform a set of songs reimagined for piano.

Jacqueline Justice*

Angie McMahon has given fans a taste of new music, sharing a performance of her new track “Staying Down Low”.

Appearing on McMahon’s performance for ABC’s The Sound on Sunday night, the song is a slow-burning piano-based composition which features the acclaimed artist’s gorgeous vocals at the forefront.

Recorded at Melbourne’s Bakehouse Studios, and featuring drums by Lachlan O’Kane, McMahon played down hopes of an imminent official release for the tune.

“This song isn’t going to be released this year, probably next year sometime,” she wrote on Facebook. “So for now it just lives in video form.”

The performance of the track came just days after the worldwide premiere of a solo piano concert from McMahon, which saw her performing cuts from her Salt debut, along with a number of covers.

“Practising the piano and recording something in isolation felt like the only thing I wanted to do when we were locked down,” McMahon explained in a statement. “So it was really fun to turn this into a concert that will hopefully feel like an intimate live music experience while we can’t go visit our much loved venues.”

The sparse arrangements of the songs gave a greater insight into the intricacies of their composition, and also helped to tide over fans who were likely feeling as disappointed as McMahon was that her world tour had been cancelled due to COVID-19.

The performance also served as something of a taster of her forthcoming EP, with the aptly named Piano Salt set to be released on October 2nd, featuring piano renditions of tracks from her 2019 debut album.

While there’s currently no word as to when an official version of “Staying Down Low” will be released, the live version will certainly be enough to satiate appetites until details of McMahon’s highly-anticipated second record begin to emerge.