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Amyl and The Sniffers Detail New Album, ‘Comfort to Me’

Set for release in September, Amyl and The Sniffers have given fans a taste of album number two with new single, “Guided by Angels”.

Jamie Wdziekonski*

As Amyl and The Sniffers continue to put Australian music on the map, the Melbourne outfit have now unveiled details of their second album, with Comfort to Me set to arrive this September.

Announced just over two years on from their electrifying self-titled debut, Amyl and The Sniffers’ highly-anticipated second album comes following a period which has seen the spotlight well and truly shone upon them. In addition to singles and live releases, the group have also found themselves nabbing some high profile gigs, including a 2022 support slot for the Foo Fighters.

Now, they’ll have plenty of new material to draw on for their upcoming shows, with Comfort to Me having emerged from a period of quarantine last year. As the group – including frontperson Amy Taylor, guitarist Dec Martens, bassist Gus Romer, and drummer Bryce Wilson – found themselves in the same house in the midst of the pandemic, it allowed them more time to focus on their music than previously.

“The nihilistic, live in the moment, positivity and panel beater rock-meets-shed show punk was still there, but it was better,” explains Taylor. “The whole thing was less spontaneous and more darkly considered.”

Describing the experience as being “completely different” to the time and thought put into the lyrics for their previous releases, Taylor explains that the album first began to form during the Australian bushfire season as masks adorned their faces to protect from the acrid smoke.

“Then when the pandemic hit, our options were the same as everyone: go find a day job and work in intense conditions or sit at home and drown in introspection,” she explains. “I fell into the latter category. I had all this energy inside of me and nowhere to put it, because I couldn’t perform, and it had a hectic effect on my brain. My brain evolved and warped and my way of thinking about the world completely changed.”

The result is the 13-track Comfort to Me, which arrives in September, led by opening track “Guided by Angels”. Featuring a blistering shot of energy reminiscent of their earlier releases, the track undoubtedly serves as a sonic step forward for the band while staying true to their punk/garage rock roots.

Amyl and The Sniffers’ “Guided by Angels” is out now, while Comfort to Me will be released on September 10th via B2B Records with pre-orders available now.

Amyl and The Sniffers’ Comfort to Me tracklist:

1. Guided by Angels
2. Freaks to the Front
3. Choices
4. Security
5. Hertz
6. No More Tears
7. Maggot
8. Capital
9. Don’t Fence Me In
10. Knifey
11. Don’t Need A C**t (Like You To Love Me)
12. Laughing
13. Snakes