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Amy Shark Details Forthcoming Docuseries, ‘FOREVER, AMY SHARK’

The upcoming series follows Amy Shark behind the scenes during the recording of her new album, CRY FOREVER.

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Amy Shark is set to release her forthcoming second album, 'CRY FOREVER', in April.

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With a new album on the way, and 2021 looking like it’s set to be one of the biggest yet for Amy Shark, the acclaimed Aussie artist has now announced a new documentary series, with FOREVER, AMY SHARK set to arrive in the near future.

Announcing the news on Instagram, Shark acknowledged that there had been something of an absence of behind-the-scenes pictures and footage during the recording process of her new album, but that it had all been for a good reason, with a new series set to follow her journey in the lead-up to album number two.

“I decided to not show you much while I was recording CRY FOREVER mainly because I was extremely focused and if I started hyping you all up about it my focus wouldn’t of been as sharp as it was,” Shark explained.

“I had songs that I was proud of and excited about but I knew it was going to take some time to get this album perfect. So as hard as it was to not post anything at the time, I’m glad I didn’t. Because now you get to see all the BTS in my upcoming doco series! All the highs and lows of this upcoming album that I know you will love!”

In a brief teaser clip shared alongside the announcement, snippets of video shoots, recording sessions, and candid interviews are seen, with all of the footage taken from the almost three months of constant work (or, 2080 hours as the clip explains) put into the record.

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Speaking to Rolling Stone alongside the announcement of CRY FOREVER back in December, Amy Shark explained that she had never particularly felt a large amount of apprehension in having to follow up a huge album such as her debut Love Monster, given the amount of experience she had received through her time in the music industry.

“From the very early days, I had these demos that were sounding really exciting and I guess I thrive off that,” Shark explained. “So knowing I had some good songs already kind of made me keep writing songs that I was really happy with. And I sort of just know my structure now, and just crafting them all was super fun. And I was also just a lot more open-minded this time around.

“With Love Monster I was still coming off the back of a pretty useless career of doing everything by myself, and not having anyone believe in me, and so I was very careful and cautious about my music. Like, ‘I fought so hard to get here, I don’t want any one to wreck it.'”

Amy Shark’s CRY FOREVER is released on April 30th, 2021 via Wonderlick/Sony Music Entertainment Australia, with pre-orders available now. The first episode of AMY SHARK, FOREVER is set to arrive soon.