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AC/DC Apparently Reveal New Album Title with Promo Posters, Website

AC/DC appear to be getting ever-closer to the unveiling of new material, with a poster outside Angus Young’s old school appearing recently.

Image of AC/DC

Rumours of forthcoming activity from AC/DC have been rife this week.


It appears as though the promotional trail for the new AC/DC album is well and truly about to kick off, with the slow drip-feed of information seemingly confirming movement within the camp.

The latest period of activity began early last week, when a series of photos were apparently uploaded to the official AC/DC website, purportedly showing the group filming their new music video. While no updates arrived regarding their authenticity, the band took to socials yesterday to update their profile picture and share a brief video of a neon lightning bolt powering up, indicating a reactivation of some variety.

Yesterday however, it was reported by Triple M that a promotional poster had appeared outside the Ashfield Boys High School in Sydney. The school in question boasts AC/DC guitarist Angus Young as a former scholar, while the poster itself includes the title “PWR/UP”.

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This poster has popped up outside Angus Young’s old High School. What are AC/DC up to?

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While speculation rose in regards to what this poster related to, Ultimate Classic Rock have since reported that an official website – pwrup.acdc.com – has been launched, offering fans the chance to sign up for updates.

Notably, the site itself seems to poke fun at the mystery surrounding the band’s current lineup, with imagery intentionally obscuring the members of the band.

Currently, there has been no official word in regards to what the band are teasing, though years of rumours seem to indicate the band are on track to enter their new era in the near future.

Likewise, it seems possible that AC/DC are also set to formally announce the return of longtime vocalist Brian Johnson, and drummer Phil Rudd – both of which haven’t been officially part of the band for a number of years – though this also remains officially unconfirmed at the current time.