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Dee Snider Claims New AC/DC Album Contains Malcolm Young “Surprises”

“This is AC/DC as we know and love them,” Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider said of the Australian group’s forthcoming new album.

Image of Australian rock icons AC/DC


Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider continues to be the source of all the happenings in camp AC/DC, revealing recently that the band’s rumoured new album contains “surprises” from the late Malcolm Young.

Back in December, Snider claimed that AC/DC were not only on track to utilise Phil Rudd, Malcolm Young, and even Brian Johnson for a new album, but that a tour was on the way.

Noting that he was hoping for them to play at the 2021 Super Bowl as well, one fan took this to heart, launching a petition and even inspiring Snider to make an impassioned plea to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

“There are a lot of bands that are stadium worthy and a lot of bands that have sold hundreds of millions of records, but the one band that I think has such crossover appeal to so many people in all genres is AC/DC,” Snider explains.

“You play so many of their songs at every single game – and the band is reuniting with a new album, they’re going to be touring again and they would bring down the house.”

Now, Snider has again brought AC/DC news to the forefront, appearing on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation (via Blabbermouth) to explain what he knows about the group’s new record.

“I had dinner with Brian recently, and we talked about [the band’s return to activity],” he explained. “He told me a lot of stuff, and a lot of stuff that I don’t wanna say. But we know from the photos, and Brian confirmed it, they’ve been in the studio, they’ve been recording.

“The original — I don’t say the ‘original’ guys, because a lot of ’em are gone, but I say the ‘classic’ lineup is back together and there are some surprises, which I can’t talk about, regarding Malcolm Young that just had my jaw on the floor. I will say he will be present. So this is AC/DC as we know and love them.”

Though no information regarding to a new record has been shared by the band or their team, Eddie McGuire claimed just last month the band would share their new album in “February or March”, while a tour would follow in “October or November”.