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AC/DC Apparently Tease Imminent Return with Socials Update

The brief nine-second video follows on from a series of leaked photos that were apparently filmed during the shoot for a new AC/DC film clip.

Image of AC/DC

Rumours of forthcoming activity from AC/DC have been rife this week.


Veteran rockers AC/DC appear to be gearing up for an imminent return, with a new socials update lending credence to recent rumours of new material.

Taking to accounts such as Twitter overnight, the group shared a brief, nine-second video clip of a neon lightning bolt sign being illuminated, effectively implying a reactivation of sorts from the group. While speculation has since run rife as to what this means, fans have been pointing to the lightning bolt itself (which also adorns their display picture) as proof of forthcoming happenings from the group.

Just last week, photos emerged that had allegedly been uploaded to the official AC/DC website before being swiftly taken down. These photos were reportedly stills of the group filming their new music video, and while the lightning bolt from their socials account is not the same one from the video, the use of red light across both provides a link between the two.

Most notably, the leaked photos gave verification to rumours that had been swirling regarding the band’s current lineup. Officially, both vocalist Brian Johnson and drummer Phil Rudd had been out of the group for some time due to hearing loss and issues within the band, respectively.

While Axl Rose served as Johnson’s replacement, questions arose as to whether or not Rose would continue as the group’s vocalist into the future, or if Chris Slade would continue to serve as Rudd’s replacement.

Another leaked photo in 2018 seemed to confirm the return of both Johnson and Rudd, while last week’s photos indicates that – if they are legit – the current iteration of the band marks the return of both members.

Currently, no official word has been offered as to what is forthcoming from AC/DC, or who comprises their current lineup, though this recent Twitter tease indicates that all will be revealed in the near future.